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The Pit Bull Bible Online APBT Database is designed to be the premier online resource for bulldog fanciers all over the world. We are continuously developing this Resource, in depth and in scope, as the days (weeks, months, years) unfold. Ultimately, there will be no APBT resource like this anywhere. In order to show your support for this effort, as well as to enjoy the full benefits of this Database, there is a $30 yearly membership subscription, which will grant you access not just to The Ultimate Pedigree Database ... as well as our private, First-Class Discussion Forum ... but also to the full and unabridged Pit Bull Bible (which is now being posted for free in the form of various articles, video tutorials, drug indexes, etc.). These reference materials are growing and being added-to every day, so if you’re not a member yet you’re missing out! In a nutshell, if you’re serious about this breed, The Pit Bull Bible Online APBT Database is the place to be to discuss our favorite subject, bulldogs, in a 100% friendly and congenial atmosphere. If that sounds like what you’ve been looking for, then come on over and join us. To do so, please first Register and then Subscribe (in that order).

~ California Jack, Website Owner